Nestled deep within the alleyways of old urban Kyoto, the HOSOO residence is conveniently located yet a hidden gem. Its interiors of varying colours and textures softly diffuse the light, which is captured by the Nishijin artwork, dramatically glistening in the dark. The gentle light reflected by the walls and textile slowly unveils fragments of the dimly lit space.

Located deep in the alleyways of historic Kyoto, south of the Imperial Palace,
HOSOO RESIDENCE is an readaptation of a machiya house, fully reimagined with great respect for the traditional architectural design and with the restoration of the exterior and interior walls executed using classic Japanese Sakan plastering techniques. Unique Nishijin artworks are also part of the interiors. The house invites guests to experience ancient Japanese culture augmented by furniture and lighting especially curated and developed for this residence.

The interior of the residence is furnished by HOSOO, a textile brand established in 1688, catering to the world’s luxury market and its top brands by utilising traditional Nishijin weaving techniques. Guests to this exceptional environment is limited to one group per day, thus providing a highly exclusive experience.