Terms Of Use

In order to assure you and all of our Guests of a secure and pleasant stay with us, we have established the following regulations governing the usage of our facilities in accordance with Article 7 of the Terms and Conditions of the Accommodation Agreement of the HOSOO RESIDENCE. When these regulations and policies are not observed, we may be obliged to refuse permission for continued occupancy of guest rooms or usage of other facilities. Kindly note that Guests may also be held liable for damages caused to the HOSOO RESIDENCE by non-compliance of
these regulations.

Fire Prevention Regulations

  1. Please do not bring or use flammable items, such as heating equipment,
    cooking equipment and irons.
  2. Smoking is strictly prohibited in all rooms.

Security Regulations

  1. Please make sure to lock the door when leaving the HOSOO RESIDENCE during your stay.
  2. Should someone call on the HOSOO RESIDENCE, please identify your visitor before opening the door. If the person appears to be suspicious, please contact us (contact number will be provided on your arrival) immediately.
  3. Persons other than those registered Guests are strictly prohibited from staying at the HOSOO RESIDENCE. In the event that non-registered persons are identified, this will result in the cancellations of the Accommodation Agreement with no refund.

Handling of Deposited Valuables and Items

  1. A safety deposit box for money and valuables is available free of charge in guest rooms. The HOSOO RESIDENCE shall not be liable for any loss or theft of valuables.
  2. The HOSOO RESIDENCE shall keep articles left on the premises of the HOSOO RESIDENCE for a period of 21 days and there-after shall surrender them to the appropriate authorities in accordance with the Lost Goods Act.


  1. Please be aware that HOSOO RESIDENCE may request a predetermined deposit amount upon arrival. Please payment each time HOSOO RESIDENCE requests payment during your stay.
  2. Please note that HOSOO RESIDENCE does not accept payments by checks and requests for currency exchange.
  3. HOSOO RESIDENCE does not make advance payments on behalf of guests for airfares, train and bus fares, taxi fares, postage, costs of sending luggage, or any other expenses.

Prohibited Activities I

Please refrain from the following activities, which may inconvenience the surrounding residences and other guests.

  1. Please do not bring the following items to HOSOO RESIDENCE.
    1. Pets and other animals, such as dogs, cats, and birds (excluding guide dogs, hearing assistance dogs, and service dogs).
    2. Items with offensive odors.
    3. Inflammable or combustible items, such as gunpowder and volatile oils and liquids.
    4. Please do not bring illicit items into HOSOO RESIDENCE. Please do not carry out gambling and other illegal activities in HOSOO RESIDENCE.
  2. Please avoid inconveniencing surrounding residences and other guests with acts such as shouting or singing, or acts that similarly create a loud noise.
  3. Please do not use guest rooms for purposes other than sleeping or dining without the permission of HOSOO RESIDENCE.
  4. Please do not bring food or drinks into HOSOO RESIDENCE, or order food from
    delivery services.
  5. Please do not carry out activities that alter the state of HOSOO RESIDENCE, such as reallocating facilities or items in HOSOO RESIDENCE, without the permission of HOSOO RESIDENCE.
  6. Please do not display any items by the windows of HOSOO RESIDENCE that deface
    its appearance.
  7. HOSOO RESIDENCE strictly prohibits any persons other than registered guests from staying at HOSOO RESIDENCE. Guests are also requested not to invite visitors to their guest rooms.
  8. Please do not deliver or display any advertising materials, or solicit the sale of goods in HOSOO RESIDENCE without the permission of HOSOO RESIDENCE.
  9. Please note that publishing photos or other images taken in HOSOO RESIDENCE for commercial purposes, without the permission of HOSOO RESIDENCE, may result in legal action.
  10. Dyeing of hair within the HOSOO RESIDENCE is prohibited. In the event that hair dyeing has taken place and has resulted in damage of any items, the Guest will be liable for all costs associated with returning the damaged item(s) to its/their original state.
  11. Please do not remove any fixtures, equipment, and furnishings from HOSOO RESIDENCE.

Prohibited Activities II

When the prohibited activities as described in the preceding section are not ceased immediately at the request of HOSOO RESIDENCE, HOSOO RESIDENCE shall prohibit the Guest(s) from using its facilities.
Prohibition of antisocial groups from using HOSOO RESIDENCE facilities

  1. HOSOO RESIDENCE prohibits the following organizations or individuals from using its facilities:
    1. Organized crime groups, members of organized crime groups, and organizations or parties related to organized crime groups;
    2. Companies and parties related to organizations whose business activities are controlled by organized crime groups or the members of organized crime groups;
    3. Antisocial groups and members of or parties related to antisocial groups;
    4. In cases when activities such as acts of violence, injury, threats, blackmail, intimidation, and similar activities are confirmed;
    5. Persons who are not able to guarantee their own safety due to lack of self-control, as a result of mental instability, illicit drugs and other factors, or any persons; or any persons who are likely to cause danger, fear, or anxiety among other HOSOO RESIDENCE guests.
  2. When (1), (2) or (3) described in the preceding points are confirmed as applicable, HOSOO RESIDENCE will immediately ban the relevant parties from its facilities.